Inspirational Mom - Natalya

Inspirational Mom - Natalya

"We had the pleasure to meet and work with Natalya for our most recent Matletik photoshoot while she was pregnant with her second daughter.  Pilates teacher at the Equinox Gym in Yorkville Toronto, she is a very calm and healty mommy, a great model for all new moms out there. You can follow her inspiring instagram blog @pilatesbodyworkout."

Natalya Sebastian

Pilates Instructor and Instructor Trainer

Describe your children in a few brief words:
Inspiring and full of infinite potential. One has a spicy and willful personality, the other is very calm.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a Mother:
The love you receive in return from your children and the joy that your children bring to the extended family around you.

What have you learned about balancing Motherhood with your career:
Listen to your inner voice in order to strike the perfect balance between motherhood and your work. Your heart will always indicate if you need to re-examine how you divide your time and energy.

How was your physical condition while pregnant:
I was very healthy and able bodied as a pregnant woman. However my recovery from my second pregnancy was much slower than from the first.

How has Motherhood influenced your physical activity:
Now that I am a Mother of two I must be very focused and efficient with my workouts. I do not have the luxury of wasting time.

How has Motherhood changed you:
It has made me a better person. Infact, it continues to challenge me to be my best self because my children will absorb any poor habits, words or actions I display.

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