A word from the founders

A word from the founders


“We founded MATLETIK to empower women to continue living their active lifestyle during their pregnancy. Our goal is to allow moms-to be to stay healthy and feel great in their skin and perform any sport in a stylish looking outfit, while having freedom of movement and maximum comfort. 

From our personal experience and from seeing the women around us, we realized the void of true active clothing for expecting moms. They either have to exercise in maternity leggings that do not offer performance properties, or in athletic brand clothing which do not offer the comfort and support for their growing belly. We wanted to design clothes that make them feel good for sports or any daily activities, always adapting to their changing figure. It is inspiring to see moms-to-be keeping their good habits and wanting to stay strong and healthy while they carry life.

We also know how important it is to have comfortable clothes that fit great after birth, we designed our products so that they can be worn beyond pregnancy. We have tested the products ourselves to make sure they are the most comfortable activewear on the market. You do not need to be pregnant to love our clothes! They feel great and fit like a second skin no matter the size and shape of your body.

We are two passionate women and with MATLETIK we combine our love for design, fashion and wellness. As we want to make a difference and support our local economy, all our products are proudly designed in Canada.”

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